So before I start talking about the EA. Also this is the reason why I do not offer any Copy my sh! The only scam about it is those turning it into a Business by offering all these dreams services.

This way you can get a feeling of how the system works and if you are happy with the results, the drawdown and the profit return rate. To be honest, anyone ever thinking of linking a live accounts to someone else's, I suggest you think again. Before I had this EA, it took me nearly two years to keep trial and testing EA's out from websites such as MQL5 etc....

As most of them would just blow your account in several days. The EA is not created by myself, however if you wish to pay the original price for the EA you are more than welcome tooo. The EA is not cracked, decompiled, or have any errors, it is Genuine and Licensed. So how does the EA work? The EA only runs on XAU USD pair (Gold), on a 1 Minute Time Frame.

I only run this EA during Asia Session. Midnight to around 8am UK Time (opening of London Session) as there are less news during that time and the market is less volatile. When should I not run the EA?

Personally use the EA when there are major news on AUD, JPY & NZD news as the market gets too volatile and ends up sending fake signals / candles which can cause a drawdown. I recommend every evening before placing your "Auto Trading" On, to check on Forex Factory or other Forex News websites if its clear of News or not.

If you wish to run the EA on nights with Major News I recommend switching it on 2 hours after the news, that way the market settles down by then. What Lot Size's do you recommend to use?

As a starting lot size for. A 50k Funded - 0.05. A 100k Funded - 0.10-0.15.

A 200k Funded - 0.20-0.30. How much profit does the EA make? (One of the most FAQ).

You need to be aware of the News, you need to have some sort of basic knowledge of the market structure and be able to apply a fundamental analysis. There is no EA out there that will have 100% win rate however myself with this EA and following my trading plan which I have, has made me successful. My Trading Plan (you do not have to follow this, it's just a guide). Loads of people ask me why Im I profitable, and what's my Trading Plan that I follow and respect, so below I will show you how I started out and how I got to be over 500k Funded with Prop Firms. I think you get the point, the reason I use 4-5% as a maximum profit target in trading for each of my Funded accounts, it is a realistic figure that can be achieved and also a higher chance to be approved a payout from your Prop Firm, remember there could be a week full of CPI, NFP, FOMC, you DO NOT NEED to trade it! You will receive the EA itself, with full instruction video showing you where to place each file, in which folder, and the correct way to set it up. I will also include a separate free EA which acts as an Equity Protector, this way you will never be able to loose your trading account as it will automatically closes any open trades in a minus figure and switches the EA off for you when a certain percentage of drawdown is reached. I set mine to 3%. Can you help me install it? I suggest everyone firstly tries to do it themselves, as it's quite straight forward and comes with a video, however if you are still having issues, I can offer assistance through Team Viewer / Any Desk and connect to your computer or VPS, whilst explaining to you step by step how to do it, this way, next time you will be able to do it yourself. Do I need a VPS?

Few of my clients that decide to run their EA's on their personal Laptop / Computer. You can do this too, however, please take into consideration, if you have a power cut, if your internet connection drops, if your device decides to do a silly update and restarts your computer or it goes into sleep mode / hibernate etc... Then please do not come back asking me why the EA has not closed any trades, as the MT4 Terminal needs to be opened at all time whilst running, this is why a VPS is highly recommended. Any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.